Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Verry Merry Christmas

2009 The best Christmas Ever!
Jagger, Mia and Silas

This is our Christmas tree, which is only partially decorated. The babies received so many presents this year. I don't think they will need anything for a very long time. We are looking forward to taking them for a ride in their new choo choo.

Thank you to everyone for making this the best Christmas ever!

Gi Gi showing off her t-shirt of the triplets.

Happy 1st Birthday Erin!

Look at my girls, soo cute.

Nap time for Santa's little helpers.

Cousin Tyler

Great Pap Paw Jack

Ok, so they don't like getting dressed up.
Look at Mia's bottom lip, soo funny.

My little princess is not happy but, shes still adorable!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Thank you for my three sweet babies!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simply The Best!

On Thursday we went to visit Dr. Turnquest-Wells and all the ladies in her office. This was the first time they were able to meet the triplets. Of course they were amazed with how cute they are. heehee!

Dr. Turnquest-Wells you're the best!

Thank you for keeping me and my precious babies safe and healthy!

Babies get shots

Today Todd and I took the babies for their 4 month check ups. Dr. Goldman said they get an A+. All three are growing and progressing extremely well. Check out their weights, Silas 12 lbs 11 oz, Jagger 11 lbs 10 oz, Mia 10 lbs 2 oz!! They are growing so fast. Nurse Terry gave them 3 shots each, so they are a little fussy tonight. Here is a look into our house this evening. I love every minute of it!!
You guys are even adorable when your throwing a fit! I'm so in love with you!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mommy and Mia play dress up

Today Mia and I had some fun! We did girly things, like playing dress up and having a photo shoot. Her cousin Krista made this tutu for her before she was even born. Doesn't she look cute? The bracelet she is wearing I bought for her baby pictures. But it has a much greater meaning than that. I plan to save it for her wedding day. The bracelet is to be worn on her right ring finger. Doesn't that just melt your heart? It's hard for me to think of her as someones bride. Shes my sweet, innocent baby girl. Lets just stay that way. Hopefully for at least another 25 years. So here are some photos of our dress up party. I hope you enjoy these.

Pretty in pink!
Mia, I love you so much!
Your are my sweet little one!
Love, Mommy

Silent Night

I started writing this on Thursday last week and never was able to finish and post. I wonder why???!
Mighty Mia has slept 6 hours in the night for the second consecutive night! Sweet baby Jagger decided to join her last night. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. heee heee! It's really not that bad. Once I'm up and out of bed I'm ready to go. I'm just so happy to have babies waking me up! But Silas don't let that stop you from joining in on the night time slumber.
I thank God daily for my sweet babies. I love you so much!
Cuddle Time

Silas, Mia and Jagger
OK so Jagger isn't diggin it.

So here is my update for this story of night time slumber. Super Silas has taken the lead in the race for a Silent Night. Last night Silas went to bed at 10:30 and he was still sleeping at 6:30 this morning!!!!! Of course this freaked me out. He is the one that has the eternal alarm clock set for excatly 4 hours. He wants his bottle! I think he is going through a major growing spurt. Yesterday I could literally see him growing. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.

For about two days now Silas has been sleeping....

And sleeping......

And sleeping!

Grow baby Grow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Homecoming visit with Big Sister Erin

Sunday was a great day at our house. Baby Erin spent the afternoon with us. My heart and soul danced as I watched her crawl around and play in our home. I always knew deep down that she would return to us, even if just for a visit.

As you can see Todd was just as elated as I!
Do you like her cute Princess outfit I got her?
She went right up to Jagger and held his hands. I stood amazed!
Now she is giving him a kiss...how precious!
I think Gene Simmons was her father. hee hee
Baby Erin we are so blessed to have you in our home! You complete our family!
We love you!
Your Foster Mommy and Daddy

Monday, December 1, 2008

gobble 'till you wobble

Check out my little Thanksgiving turkeys.