Friday, February 13, 2009

Mia gets her ears pierced

Today Todd and I took Mia to get her ears pierced at the mall. I was so nervous for her I almost chickened out. The girl working at Claire's assured me that she had pierced about 4 infants a day for the last 6 years. I had nothing to worry about. While waiting in line for our turn I spoke to another mother that had her first little girls ears pierced at 6 months old and was back with her new baby also 6 months old. She told me it was no big deal and we should not have any problems. Apparently 6 months old is the perfect time to pierce ones ears for a couple reasons, one they will never remember it, two they are not able to pull and tug on their ears that helps with the healing.

Here I am making sure the marks are in the right spot. When did I become an expert on this? Isn't that her job? What if I approve and it's not a good spot? This is too much pressure!

To my surprise, Mia only cried for about 30 seconds. She cries more when she gets her monthly shot. I think it scared her more than anything.
My camera shows the time and this is literally the same minute.

Shes over it....what a BIG girl. Mommy is so proud!

Shes ready for more shopping.

Mia Marie you look so pretty with your new daisy earrings.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Movin' and Shakin' with Jagger

I would like to tell you about our first-born, Jagger Derrek Lynn. Jagger is an amazing person. He was the first one out the gate. I believe he had to be! He is our little maniac. He is go, go go all of the time. I firmly believe that the competiveness of having to be first is forever embedded in his personality. He will be the one running around just for the sake of running around. I guess the time in the womb of having his brother and sister on top of him made him feel restrained! Jagger has a special place in my heart (as do all of them in different ways).. As I was comforting Angie during her c-section, I got to see Jagger first! What a little miracle!

Jagger is already Daddy's little pistol. He makes the craziest, most interesting noises and grunts. He quite often has a mischievous smirk that is unmistakable. He is up to something and he KNOWS it!

Jagger, I believe will be the first to walk, talk and lead. He is using his hands quite well and is showing great signs of strength to holding himself up. He is an extremely messy baby. He always manages to chuck his formula up, pee through his diapers, and just enjoy the trails he makes and anticipates the ones he hasn't made yet! Your mother and I look forward trying to keep up with you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


One cold day in December my friend Leaha (better known as Aunt Leaha in our home) and I loaded up the babies and headed to Fired up, a local pottery studio. Yes, I know I should have posted this blog a long time ago but these were Christmas presents for the family so I had to wait to post and then the time just kinda slipped by. I'm a big girl I can admit that. Hee Hee! OK now back to the story. I purchased the plates ahead of time and had all ready drawn on the flowers. My intent was to spend as little time as possible in Fired Up. After deciding on colors, adding layers of paint and stamping the babies feet we ended up being there for 4 hours. Thank GOD for Aunt Leaha because she feed the babies while I was busy painting. I want you to know that we got several comments about how good my babies were. One lady said "I didn't know that there were any babies in the store, they are so quiet." Aww my little angels! I want to put a disclaimer on the pictures, I had a little girl maybe 10 years old take the photos. In most of the pictures we are missing heads. Well here is the plate I hope you like it.
Every time I look at it my heart melts!
My little Angels feet at 4 months old
Mia and Jagger sleeping after a bottle.

Aunt Leaha feeding Silas

Stamping Little Miss Mia's feet. She was not happy about this at all!!!

Don't you just love the crazy look Jagger is giving me. I'm not sure if this picture is before or after he spit up part of his bottle on Aunt Leaha and the plate.

Baby Silas didn't make a peep the entire time we were there. Such a good boy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A wonderful Birthday weekend!

My husband is Amazing, we had a fabulous weekend. I turned 33 on Monday, so the whole weekend he had surprises planned for me. For those of you that know me know that my favorite number is 33 so this one is special. I seem to be surrounded with 3's. HeeHee! We started Saturday night out with dinner at The House of Como, which was really good. Todd ordered their famous salad and bread for us to start out with. Oh so yummy! I ordered the filet mignon and he had 2 giant pork chops. We asked our waitress to snap a few photos of us to capture or special night. This sparked a conversation with the table next to us. They inquired about the occasion, we told them it was my Birthday and we were out for the night. They wished me Happy Birthday and we went on with our romantic dinner. Todd said some very sweet things to me and we reflected on the past year and looked forward to another year. Like normal most of our conversation was about three really cute babies. When we finished dinner the waitress brought out bread pudding on this giant, flashing, spinning and singing tray. The couple at the table next to us sent it to me. How cool is that!!??

Our next stop was a play at the Civic Theatre called Tuesday with Morrie. This was my first time going to the Civic Theatre and it was a really neat place. We both really enjoyed the play which was done entirely with only two guys. That would be way to much for me to memorize. Todd and I plan to have more date nights at the theatre.

The following day we got up and went to church. He did it again, he planned another birthday surprise. He had our families over for fried chicken and all the fixins, ice cream cake and my grandma (GiGi) made this fantabulous cake which I'm not sure the name of. It was so nice!

Keep in mind Todd did this all by his self and managed to keep things a surprise. Usually I figure things out.
Todd and I getting ready to go on our Hot Date!

Dinner at the House of Como

My first birthday wish

This is excatly what I wanted for my birthday!

Gi Gi

Me and Olivia
Thank you so much baby for a fabulous Birthday. You are the best!
I love you!