Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I wanted to share some fun photos of the babies eating. You will notice most of the pictures are of Silas...he really gets into his food! It's more of a sport with him!

Green Beans

Who knows what that is, but he likes it!

Mia wondering why it's taking so long to get her bottle.

Silas you have something on your chin.

Jagger, always ready for more!

Silas, happy to be eating!

So cute!

My troops all lined up.

Mia, taking over...imagine that.

All this is so much work....Silas is calling it quits!

A cookie a day keeps em' smiling!


Anonymous said...

I am finally leaving a comment. I cannot get over how much Silas looks like his Papa Ron.
I have know Nana Pam for more than 40 years, when my brother Rick started hanging around with her in the 60's.
It has been so enjoyable to watch these 3 beautiful babies grow.
You all are very blessed and enjoy the ride.

Nancy Wills

Sabrina said...

They are so adorable! I cant believe how much they've grown and changed already (I have an 8 month old who also amazes me every day). I love the photos of feeding time, precious!

Diana Lopez said...

wow beautiful kids. God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted about how to leave a comment without having a blog because I am so not computer savvy. I love reading your blog and watching the babies grow andchange. How awesome to have 3!!! They are all adorable. Great pics! I especially like the ones in the bumbo chairs. Too cute! Enjoy your Mothers Day!!! Take care, Lesley.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry you guys. I have forgot about you. School will be over soon and I'll have more free time to get over there. By the way, THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE!!!!!
see ya soon,

Anonymous said...

by the way, it's so cute how you have one that looks like Angie, one that looks like Todd, and the other is a good mix. Did you all plan it that way?????

The Lynn Triplets said...

Yes! We are that good! LOL!