Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Babies first Easter

The Easter Bunny comes to visit the Lynn triplets for the first time. The Easter Bunny had a ball getting their baskets together. Although, there were a few casualties at Target during the process.

Mia is speechless with her first Easter basket.

Mia attempts to eat her first bunny ears, unfortunately, they aren't chocolate!

The Silas of the Lamb

Back off the chocolate Jagger! We haven't quite decided if YOU will ever get sugar! (or caffeine). You would probably explode!


Sabrina said...

Awesome! We did Gerber puffs, chewy teethers, a stuffed animal, and some toys for our little one this year. The older ones were strung out on candy for a week...isn't it fun!?!!!!

The Lynn Triplets said...

Todd and I shared the chocolate was yummy! I'm sure next year we will be in for some fun!